Myswing Professional 3D Motion Capture

Our new wireless 3D motion capture system allows you to view and learn about your unique swing movements as you have never seen before. Up to 17 sensors are wirelessly attached to different body parts and the club to capture the motion of shots including short game shots to irons and drivers.

Each part of the movement can be measured which include;

  • Kinematic sequence

  • Range of rotation

  • Tilts

  • Wrist motion

  • Speeds

  • Shaft trace


Once the motion has been collected, it can then be analysed and viewed from a 360 degree angle which helps you understand exactly how you can improve with quantifiable results.

Players can now use the ‘Biofeedback’ training feature of the system which is possibly the most valuable part of the system.

Biofeedback is an audio and visual cue which alerts the player when they have achieved the specific movement they are looking for. This allows for a much more disciplined and valuable training session as each shot and practice swing delivers feedback to the player and coach to assist with the learning process.

At the end of the session, each player is given a full report sent to them via email in a PDF format with coaches comments to further help the learning process outside of the lessons. 

Pricing and Packages

Individual sessions


Motion capture

Biofeedback training

PDF report


60mins - £60.00

90mins - £90.00

3D development package - £250.00


  • 1 x 90min 3D training sessions including reports

  • 3 x 60min 3D training sessions

This package is designed for players who are looking at achieving your goals within a 4-12 week period whether that be changing the ball flight or preparing for an event.

Session 1 – 90mins Motion capture, agree on a plan to achieve goals, Biofeedback training

Session 2,3,4 – Reflect on performances + practice, 3D motion capture, Biofeedback training


Long drive + Speed training - £250.00


3 x 90min 3D training sessions

This package is designed for players who want to increase speed within the swing or compete in World Long Drive. Using the 3D data capture, we can accurately measure the speed, efficiency and sequence of the swing movement to find where extra speed can be found in the motion. Accurate clubhead + ball data can be measured using Flightscope technology to document measurable gains.

For more information or to book a session using our new 3D technology then please speak to Daniel Parkes, Academy Director at Charnwood Golf & Leisure Complex by calling 01509 260972 or emailing

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