Get into Golf!

Our award-winning ‘Learn to Play’ golf programme is uniquely designed to get players enjoying and playing golf as quickly as possible.


We have designed a unique three-tiered coaching structure which you can slot into anywhere through your journey to better golf, so whether you have never picked up a club before, had a couple of goes or just come down the range for a go, we can accommodate you.


We incorporate our award-winning Pathway structure with regular trips to the course to apply what we have learnt so far and also identify any areas the player would like to improve. Each player will earn their own Academy Handicap to track their progress and also use to play socially.






Blue Level


This level has been designed for entry level golfers with little or no experience, coaching will cover:



  • Basic grip, stance, aim and swing to enable consistency

  • Basic understanding of short game shots such as chipping and putting



Red Level


This level has been designed for Novice golfers who have some experience with coaching content to recap the above and include:


  • Apply swing to different clubs to increase understanding of what each club does

  • Learn to hit the ball consistently off the floor while maintaining accuracy and increasing distance

  • Simple short game techniques to improve consistency and will cover Putting, Chipping, Pitching and Bunkers.



White Level


This level has been designed for Intermediate Junior Golfers who have experience on the course and will cover:


  • Individual tuition to get a consistent strike and ball flight achieving good distance

  • In-depth short game techniques including chipping, pitching, bunkers and putting

  • Course management techniques to help decision making on the course


Find out more about our performance centre , golf lessons and group sessions in our Golf Academy section of the website.

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