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Wedge Fittings

We have full demo kits of wedges from all suppliers with all loft, bounce and grind options for the player to try.

Precise Distance Gapping

We use our Foresight Sports GC2 launch monitor to accurately measure the carry and total distance of each wedge hit.

We can then use that data to decide which lofts of wedge will give the player manageable distance increments to allow the player to have those options to perform on the course.

Shot Versatility

Wedges are used for a variety of short game shots from a variety of lies so having the tools to allow the player to execute the shots they want to play is crucial.

We have full demo kits of wedges from all suppliers with all loft, bounce and grind options for the player to try.

Our specialist PGA fitters will discuss the requirements of the player and fit the bounce and grinds to give the player the tools they need to play all the shots to lower scores.



Our expert PGA fitting specialists will begin by having a discussion with the player about short game shots they wish to play approaching the green. They will then assess and measure the 9iron and PW of the current equipment.



The first shots will be used to gap the wedges appropriately to give the player consistent increments of distance below their PW. This will give us the loft make up of the wedge set.



Bounce, grind, and loft fitting will begin with full wedge shots, then continue into shorter shots around the green. The fitter will evaluate how the wedge interacts with the surface, look at the ball flight characteristics and the discussions had in step one to determine the right bounce, grind and lie angles for the wedges



Once the wedge set and make-up have been agreed, we will then decide on grips, any customisable stamping, and finish of the wedges to suit the players preference.



Once you are both happy with the model and specifications selected, the pro will discuss the final details of your clubs in terms of grip selection and any additional customisation options you may require or want to add.



We will then agree on the order with a price match policy in place to ensure you have the best possible value with your wedge fitting. Our range cardholders will also receive an extra discount off this price.


When it comes to modern golf simulation, there are three reasons why Foresight Sports is the technology of choice - unmatched accuracy, true-to-life performance, and unbeatable value.

Foresight Sports

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