Our indoor state of the art indoor golf simulator is available to hire for groups of up to four people for Practice or Play!


Our simulator uses a Foresight Sports GC2 launch monitor which uses a stereoscopic camera system to precisely capture and analyse the ball characteristics at 10,000 FPS to deliver the most accurate values of ball performance.


Experience the most realistic golf simulation ever with Foresight Sports FSX simulator software.


Play the worlds best and most exclusive golf courses in the comfort of our indoor simulator.


We have 6 courses to choose from which include Adu Dhabi, Brabazon and Carnoustie of which you can play medal, matchplay or even play in a against players around the world by logging in online!


Our golf simulator can also be hired for players who want to practice in accurate and predictable environment.

There are two ways to use the practice mode of the golf simulator.



Set the simulator up on a driving range to hit shots to measure key information on any club including:

  • Overall Distance

  • Carry Distance

  • Dispurtion Patterns

  • Spin Rates



You can set the simulator up on one of the 6 courses loaded on the system and set up any scenario under any condition and practice a number of shots in the chosen scenario. Ideas could be:

  • Set up a tee shot on one of the 6 courses and practice hitting the fairway

  • Set a specific distance from the fairway and practice hitting shots into the green

  • Make it fun and add some wind into the scenario!



Powered by the Foresight Sports GC2 launch monitor, the FSX software delivers powerful data anlysis and visualization features tailor-made for our team of PGA professionals to accurately interoperate and choose the correct set up for you.

Intuitive, fully-illustrated depictions of ball flight data ensure easy analysis of each and every shot and when the session is finished, the data can be emailed to the player for reference.


We offer fittings for the following areas:

  • Driver (30mins)

  • Fairway and Hybrids (30mins)

  • Irons (30mins)

  • Wedges and Gapping (30mins)

  • Ball Fitting (30mins)

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